About Us


EXON GROUP is a specialized financing and asset management Company based in New York, USA. The Company focuses on Real Estate and Construction Projects in emerging markets with high growth potential. To enable investors to easily acquire real estate, the Company offers fully Furnished and Equipped Apartments ready for letting using a “Build-Let-Manage” approach on behalf of Investors/Buyers. Property is registered in name of the Investor at the Local Land Register.

With our long-standing presence, our established partnerts, our regional acquisitions and development specialists possess years of hands-on experience, intimate local market knowledge and an extensive network of relationships with investment and real estate professionals, property owners and civic and community leaders. This depth of experience and expertise provides Exon Group with a competitive advantage in identifying and closing attractive investments opportunities. Our teams specialize in sourcing the transactions where maximum investment returns can be obtained whilst mitigating operationsl risks.

We offer first-class real estate asset management. Each of our properties is treated as a stand-alone business by our team of in-house engineers and property management experts. This approach ensures a focus on creating value and maximizing long-term profitability, whether in the form of superior operational and maintenance standards. The result is a clean, secure, well-maintained property managed to the standard of a premier, owner-occupied building. Our projects include residential, commercial, office shopping centres and mixed-use buildings. We oversee all aspects of our buildings’ operations, including engineering, security, fire safety and maintenance.



“Our most valuable assets are our people, partners and investors/buyers”, says Mr Yosef Moscovici EXON GROUPS CEO. We see tremendous opportunities in the Ukrainian market, and especially in its capital Kiev’s where we focus most of our projects.

Our Leagal Partner: Avraham Lalum & Co International Law firm

Avraham Lalum & Co Law firm is one of EXON GROUP prominent international legal partners specializing in global real estate projects. Lalum’s legal team offers EXON group complete legal services coverage and support for implementing our large-scale construction projects safely. We are fully committed Lalum Law controlled purchase mechanism which includs multiple elements designed to protect our investosr/buyers.

Our Sales Partner: Ukraine Israel Real Estate Marketing

Ukraine Israel Real Estate Marketing is EXON GROUP’s chosen partner for marketing and selling our Projects to Israeli buyers/investors. Their agency specialises in connecting investment opportunities in the Ukrainian market with interested investors. They have sold hundreds of apartments and successfully delivered multiple projects. The firm is led by Mr Eliran Trabelsi and his highly experienced sales team who gained extensive experience and knowledge of the Ukraine real estate market and construction projects.


Exon Group acquires high-quality assets in pivoting submarkets. These assets leverage primary market fundamentals with emerging submarket growth to deliver outsized value appreciation.


Exon Group is a multi-strategy private equity firm, focused on Real Estate and Construction Projects. To enable investors to easily acquire real estate, the Company offers fully Furnished and Equipped Apartments.


Exon Group expertise and relationships in the capital markets allow the company to create sophisticated, tax-efficient debt and equity structures that unlock incremental income for investors.


Time is an illusion, timing is an art, Over the years after crafting many and many timing analysis, we can say now for sure, that we know when and where to invest with our projects